95-year-old woman supports 330 students in 25 years
2015-10-23 09:11:00

95-year-old woman supports 330 students in 25 years 

Gao Junzhi (C) poses with children in the "Spring Bud Class". (Photo/CNS)

In 25 years, Gao Junzhi has donated over 200,000 yuan to help about 330 poor studentsget through school. She was named as a national moral model this year. She began todonate in 1991 when she was 71 years old. At that time, she won 100 yuan prize from acalligraphy competition.Gao Junzhi was born in 1920 in Fuzhou, southeastern China’s Fujian province. When shewas a child, she had to drop out of school and work in the field. She also witnessed manyfamilies which were too poor to support girls to go to school. Childhood memory is deeplyrooted in her mind, which later turned to be her original intention to support children’seducation.From 1991 to 2001, Gao Junzhi helped three Guangxi girls to go back to school. She gaveeach of them 400 yuan every year and maintained long-term contacts with them. In 2002, Gao saved over 15,000 yuan from her cost of living and donated the money to the SpringBud Program, a foundation that helps girls in poor families to go to school led by theWomen Federation and Women and Children Foundation in Fujian province. Her donationhelped 25 children in mountainous area for their education.In January 2003, Gao Junzhi donated over 40,000 yuan to set up a "Spring Bug Class" in alocal primary school, which only recruits children from poor families. The money wasoriginally supposed to be used in her treatment. On Sept. 9, 2005, Gao Zhijun was 85 years old. She took seven hours to go to the primary school by car and visited the studentsin the "Spring Bud Class". Zhan Xinmei, one of the students supported by Gao recalled, "Grandma Gao told us to be warm-hearted and help people who have difficulties."After 2009, Gao Junzhi’s physical condition worsened. But she insisted to squeeze 15,000 yuan from her pension and donated them to the Women Federation to support children inmountainous area to receive education

Source:People's Daily Online Editor:Angela