China ' s first court specializing in handling Internet-related cases opened Friday in the e-commerce hub of Hangzhou to cater to the increasing number of online disputes .[Detail]
China contributes the most to Australia ' s labor market among all foreign investment in recent years , creating about 800000 jobs in Australia compared to US ' s 300000 during 2014 to 2015 .[Detail]
Two women walk inside Alibaba Group Holding Ltd ' s office area in Hangzhou , Zhejiang province .Other highlights include a significant 96 percent in cloud computing , with sales reaching 2.4 billion yuan and paying customers hitting 1 million .[Detail]
Until last week, leukemia survivor Fengfeng (not his real name) knew almost nothing about the person who saved his life 13 years ago. Holding a bouquet of flowers, Fengfeng spotted a woman in her 40s.[Detail]
With upbeat and joyful music and performances, the Fifth International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) Photo Meeting came to an end on August 14 in Qingdao West Coast New Area of East China's Sh[Detail]
The tourist demand to enter the campuses of Tsinghua University and Peking University in Beijing has become so high in recent years that it has even prompted a controversial new business mode recently[Detail]
A smart capsule hotel operated by a WeChat account recently opened at Cybernaut Makerspace in Chongqing ' s Liangjiang New Area .[Detail]
A family is seen in front of an Ikea shop in a mall in Rome , Italy , May 19 .Ikea is likely to work with a third party e-commerce platform to make its online services nationwide in the coming years , Zhu added .[Detail]
The helicopter is aimed at attracting high-end tourists in Dalian , Northeast China ' s Liaoning province , Aug 17 .[Detail]
Beijing authorities have began soliciting public opinion on a draft house rental policy aimed at protecting the rights of tenants .[Detail]
Chinese companies ' acquisition activities along the Belt and Road countries has increased this year in spite of a dramatic fall in overall Chinese outbound investment , according to the latest Thomson Reuters data .[Detail]
During his visit , Dunford also met with Fang Fenghui , chief of the CMC Joint Staff Department .And Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi .[Detail]
More than 100 academics , consultants and business leaders gathered Thursday in southeast China to brainstorm ideas on governance in emerging markets .Huang Kunming , executive vice minister of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China ( CPC ) Central Committee , which hosted the seminar , said BRICS countries are in similar stages of development , confronted by similar challenges .[Detail]
China ' s economy is no longer growing at the dazzling speed it used to , but it could offer global investors far better opportunities as it focuses on restructuring and defusing possible threats to sustainability .[Detail]
The Civil Aviation Administration of China has adjusted air routes around the world's largest radio telescope in southwestern province of Guizhou to protect the electromagnetic environment.[Detail]