A 35-year old man suffering from critical respiratory disease was transferred from Hengshui city, North China's Hebei province, via medical rescue helicopter of the Beijing Red Cross Foundation to the China-Japan Friendship hospital in Beijing on March 26.[Detail]
The voting for the fifth-term chief executive of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) started on Sunday. [Detail]
Before her arrival, the Yale student had no idea that her trip in search of her roots would touch so many people in Wuhan city: 50 families came forward in the hope that she might be their abandoned daughter. [Detail]
China on Saturday called on littoral countries of the South China Seato establish a cooperation mechanism. [Detail]
A total of 83 homes were damaged in a powerful explosion that ripped through an apartment building in north China, killing three and injuring another 25, local government said. [Detail]
Min Xianjie has been caring for his mother for more than six years .[Detail]
Billionaire business magnate Bill Gates signed a memorandum of understanding with the Chinese government on Friday to deepen cooperation in the country's ongoing nationwide campaign of poverty relief. [Detail]
The live-streaming industry will become increasingly intertwined with other sectors in 2017 which will become a catalyst for new business models, after it saw an explosive growth last year, panelists attending the Boao Forum for Asia said on Friday.[Detail]
The China Sleep Research Society and the DeRucci Beddings Company Limited recently released a report on the sleep habits of Chinese youth .[Detail]
A heroine from the 1961 revolutionary novel Red Crag has been brought to life on the small screen in a new TV series .[Detail]
China ' s national association of lawyers unveiled a set of regulations on Friday to better protect the legal rights of lawyers and strictly regulate their behavior to ensure the healthy development of the profession .Concurrent with the growth in the number of lawyers and legal cases , however , a number of incidences of lawyers ' legal rights being violated or lawyers engaging in illegal behavior have occurred in recent years .[Detail]
PresidentXi Jinpingsent a congratulatory letter to the opening ceremony of the 2017 annual conference of the Boao Forum for Asia , held in south China ' s Hainan Province Saturday morning .[Detail]
China ' s high-speed railwaymileage reached22000 kilometersby theend of 2016 , representing the largest network in the world .[Detail]
China ' s State Council approved new plans for nuclear power safety and radioactive pollution control on Thursday .[Detail]
A story of American inventor Thomas Edison will be removed from the newest edition of a Chinese elementary school textbook after it was criticized by scholars as “not in accordance with history and common sense.” [Detail]