Local authorities said they will hold a moment of silence on Friday for the people killed in a massive landslide in Maoxian County , southwest China ' s Sichuan Province over the weekend .[Detail]
Hangzhou police have asked the local procuratorate for permission to arrest a nanny accused of starting an apartment fire that killed the three children she was employed to care for, as well as their mother. [Detail]
Hu Weiwei, founder and president of Chinese bike-sharing major Mobike Technology Co Ltd, said there is no possibility of the company merging with its arch rival Ofo Inc, despite the mounting competition. [Detail]
President Xi Jinping said the non-governmental forum of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) will contribute to regional peace and stability, and common prosperity. [Detail]
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged China's northeast to accelerate reform. [Detail]
Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen ’ s official Twitter account has been inundated by a flood of comments , allegedly from Chinese netizens .[Detail]
Police in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou , capital of Zhejiang Province , have confirmed that they have filed a request with the People ' s Procuratorate to officially request a 34 - year-old woman being held on suspicion of arson and larceny .[Detail]
The Chinese navy had a new-generation missile destroyer launched Wednesday from the Jiangnan Shipyard ( Group ) Co . , LTD . in Shanghai .[Detail]
A China Southern Airlines flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou was delayed for nearly four hours on Tuesday , after a superstitious elderly woman threw coins into the plane ’ s engine during boarding .[Detail]
A video of a teenager being forced to eat feces by school bullies in Beijing went viral over the weekend, igniting heated public discussion on China’s school bullying problem. [Detail]
Tsinghua University, one of the top academic institutions in China, has promised to make every possible effort to help Wei Xiang, a 19-year-old severely disabled high scorer from Dingxi, northwestern China's Gansu province, according to a highly shared article on social media recently, reported on June 27. [Detail]
China has lodged protests in Beijing and in New Delhi against the encroachment of Indian border troops into Chinese territory, and it demands that India take the proper course of action and withdraw the troops, Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on Tuesday. [Detail]
Doctors in China may get a new aid in diagnosis of lung cancer in the form of artificial intelligence ( AI ) .How does AI detect lung cancer ?China has one of the highest lung cancer rates in the world with more than 700000 new cases in 2015 alone .[Detail]
China will further expand market access in the service and manufacturing sectors, relax restrictions on foreign ownership, and treat Chinese and foreign companies on an equal basis, Premier Li Keqiang said Tuesday. [Detail]
China is ready to push forward with institutional reforms and tap market potential through innovation and entrepreneurship to seize opportunities brought by the latest round of global technological and industrial revolution, Premier Li Keqiang said on Monday. [Detail]