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Xi and his Swiss counterpart Doris Leuthardalso witnessed the signing of documents to boost cooperation in areas including sustainable energy and sports .[Detail]
According to a meme that began trending online last week with the hashtags # DoesItPuke and # DoesItFart .[Detail]
Xi and his Swiss counterpart Doris Leuthard were asked to try their hand at traditional 'Talerschwingen' music while in the Swiss capital Bern.[Detail]
With an air of Las Vegas glamor, thousands of people took to the streets to attend the 25th annual Elvis parade. [Detail]
China will apply for UNESCO intangible cultural heritage status for wood engraving paintings .[Detail]
Beijing issued Monday its first licenses for car-hailing app drivers, shortly after the country legalized these services and left it to local governments to define who is eligible to be such a driver. [Detail]
Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Swiss counterpart Doris Leuthard meet with Swiss business leaders in Bern , Switzerland , Jan . 16 .[Detail]
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