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Vintage posters on display in NE China.jpg
Posters used to be an essential part of Chinese families' wall decorations throughout the last century. Today, those glossy posters have given way to the ubiquitous digital advertising. [Detail]
Chinese village renews bamboo horse dance.jpg
More initiatives are planned , aiming to hold no less than two big cultural performances in the village later this year .[Detail]
Asia's first girl-and-boy polar bear twins turn four.jpg
Asia's first girl-and-boy polar bear twins. The siblings turned four on Thursday and celebrated their birthday in style at a wildlife park in northeast China's Liaoning Province.[Detail]
Debate rages over dress's true colors.jpg
Friends and co-workers worldwide are debating the true hues of a royal blue dress with black lace that , to many an eye , transforms in one photograph into gold and white .[Detail]
China ' s producer price for aviation fuel will be determined by the market starting March , the National Development and Reform Commission ( NDRC ) , China ' s top economic planner , announced on Saturday .[Detail]
Despite there being no change in government on the agenda , China ' s routine March meetings - - dubbed the " two sessions " - - are set to be closely watched as the country ' s political and economic dynamics are changing significantly .[Detail]
African Wildlife Foundation ( AWF ) on Saturday welcomed a move by Chinese government to impose a one - year ban on imports of African ivory carvings .[Detail]
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