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Turkmenistan's Akhal Teke horses, known in Chinese as heavenly horses, were one of the most expensive objects of trade on the ancient Silk Road. [Detail]
First, the two countries can buy most of each other's products with lower prices, because the trade liberalization between the two countries will cover 90 percent of their taxable items under the deal.[Detail]
Turkey's coastal resorts are among the most popular tourism destinations for Russians. [Detail]
The Bird's Nest Stadium will be home to the seventh annual Winter Carnival where visitors will be able to indulge in some of their favorite cold weather sports while also learning about some new ones. [Detail]
Beijing police have detained 16 students from Beijing Midi School of Music on suspicion of drug use , police said Thursday night .[Detail]
A delegation of engineers from professional research institutes and high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu, which is organized by Jiangsu Institution of Engineers, will participate in the WECC2015.[Detail]
By 2020, 90 percent of Beijing's seniors are expected to remain at home and be cared for by their families, according to a development plan on elder care services released by the city's civil affairs authority on Wednesday.[Detail]
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