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Dutch king and queen of the Netherlands attending a service at Holland's Eindhoven airport as the bodies of the dead from the downed Malaysia Airlines plane arrive in Holland.[Detail]
The Hollywood Transformers movie franchise has inspired a group of Chinese farmers in East China’s Shandong province. The group has brought the characters to life by building giant robots out of old car parts.[Detail]
A Filipina-American driver is turning heads as she turns corners. Michele Bumgarner is bringing in new crowds as she pursues her passion to becoming a first-class driver.[Detail]
China has started construction of the first school in Sansha, as the country’s newest city begins to take shape on the South China Sea island of Yongxing -- the largest of the Xixia islands.[Detail]
TransAsia said on Thursday that it is offering condolence payment of 200,000 new Taiwan dollars ($6,673) for each passenger, and a funeral subsidy of 800,000 new Taiwan dollars.[Detail]
The Japanese army massacred and conducted germ warfare experiments on hundreds of Chinese in the 1930s puppet state of Manchukuo, according to the latest in a series of Japanese war criminal confessions published by China's State Archives Administration.[Detail]
Chinese President Xi Jinping left Cuba for home on Thursday morning Beijing time after wrapping up a fruitful four-nation visit to Latin America.[Detail]
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