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The UK is also bullish over the benefits of the huge amount of Chinese visitors, especially those who came during the Golden Week holiday.[Detail]
China set up a new system to facilitate its yuan usage worldwide.[Detail]
On the subject of the shakeup of the media world, perhaps no one is more qualified to talk about traditional media versus new media than Li Ruigang, former president of the Shanghai Media Group and founding chairman of China Media Capital.[Detail]
It's a week of prize giving, and the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature has just been announced.[Detail]
A Japanese media reported October 8 that people from a folk museum in Nanjing demanded the Miyazaki Prefecture to return three cornerstones of the "Peace Tower" that are allegedly from Nanjing and believed to be "booties plundered by the Japanese troops".[Detail]
A teacher surnamed Zhang in Suyu District, Suqian burned down schoolmaster’s car out of his dissatisfaction with the post assigned by the schoolmaster surnamed Xu. [Detail]
The Infineon Semiconductor (Wuxi) Company Limited invested by Germany's Infineon Technologies started construction on Oct 8 and will be completed for operation at the end of 2016[Detail]
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